Eris undertakes property trading and investment activities as a principal and in joint venture with third parties. The Trading & Investment division has access to resources within Eris across the range of property service disciplines that enables it to effectively unlock the potential of a given property. Our Trading team focuses on acquiring properties for resale, and aims to identify properties that are underperforming or offer opportunity for redevelopment. Our vast knowledge base and the utilisation of interdivisional skills transfer allows us to identify opportunities that may be overseen by others.
Eris originates and invests in property assets for inclusion in it's private portfolios.. The team is currently rolling out a number of private equity funds in both local and select African markets. The local market (SA) investment vehicle is [MPOF] Momentum Properties Opportunities Fund. The private equity fund investing in the rest of Africa is [MAREF] Momentum Africa Real Estate Fund.
Our Trading and Investments offering includes:
  • Trading and investment activities (principal and in joint ventures)
  • Unlocking potential of properties.
  • Acquiring properties for resale
  • Identify underperforming properties for redevelopment
  • Selectively acquire commercial, industrial and retail properties.