Unique. Collaborative. Dynamic. These are the words commonly used to describe Zuri Workspace Solutions, which is an Eris Property Group company offering turnkey workspace solutions right from ideation through to final execution.

One of the cornerstones upon which our success is built is close corroboration with tenants and property owners. We start by ensuring that we have a solid understanding of the property owner’s needs, as well as the tenant’s expectations. It is through building a relationship with our tenants that we are able to ensure that the final product exceeds all your expectations. Thanks to the fact that our clients have full confidence in the end product that they have received from us, we have built up a reputation of excellence. In a nutshell, our promise to you is that what we agree upon is what will be delivered.

In the case of properties managed by The Eris Property Group, the Tenants Installation Allowance is paid directly to Zuri Workspace Solutions, which means that there is no need for you to fund the landlord contribution towards the tenant installation costs.


Our tried, tested and refined process is designed to ensure that all relevant information is acquired upfront.

  • Planning

    Planning is meticulously carried out to ensure that delays are minimal and that the project proceeds according to scheduled timelines.

  • Conceptual presentation

    Our design team will give you a conceptual presentation before the commencement of the project. 3D images and sample boards will be incorporated, in order to give you as clear an idea as possible of what you can expect once the project is complete.

  • Interior design specification

    These specifications document the entire project. Technical drawings of every aspect of the project are included in this documentation, and every fine detail is planned, with attention to detail being paramount

  • Space needs analysis

    In order to create workspaces that are both practical and aesthetically attractive, it is important that the available space is analysed, and that a visual plan is created to showcase how best to use it.



Projects such as the renovation of an office are known for being stressful and fraught with complications. Zuri Workspace Solutions has project management teams to ensure that this is not the case. We go the extra mile to ensure that we meet your design objectives without causing you any stress, and thanks to our fantastic supplier network, we will be working on your new workspace in collaboration with the very best suppliers and service providers in the business. Our stringent quality control standards ensure that every completed project is up to Zuri’s high standard.


Zuri Workspace Solutions believes that office spaces should be beautiful, and all our seating solutions and desk solutions are custom-made with aesthetics in mind.

Longevity is also a key consideration, and we ensure that all materials are carefully selected to last the test of time. Over and above office spaces, specialised spaces such as retail outlets and entertainment areas are among the types of projects that we often undertake.


The physical construction process begins with any required demolition. Thereafter, work begins on the new physical construction and the installation of your all-new ergonomic workspace.

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